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Sik Sik Yuen (the Yuen)  was founded in 1921. We are a religious charitable organization, which practices Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. Following the precious teaching of Master Wong Tai Sin, “to Act Benevolently and to Teach Benevolence”, the Yuen preaches Taoism in addition to developing various charitable undertakings in Hong Kong, including providing medical services, education services and social services.

Taoism is a religion which advocates “harmony with our nature” and “kindness to the earth”. The Sik Sik Yuen the Wong Tai Sin Temple has promulgated its environmental policies and practices since the 1980s. We forbid burning paper artefacts in the temple and dissuade worshippers from bringing environmental unfriendly offerings such as oil and candles. In recent years, we have been encouraging them to use more environmental friendly offerings such as flowers.

Our Yuen emphasises projects of environmental protection and encourages worshippers to bring only nine incense sticks to the temple. In 2010, the Board of Directors of the Yuen set a goal to become a “Green Temple” and formed an “Environmental Projects Steering Committee” which is responsible for the Yuen's overall policies and projects on environmental protection. We also continuously promulgate the environmental concept from the temple to our subsidiary service units in education, medical services and social services. We aim to make our Yuen a Green Organization under the slogan of “Sik Sik Yuen•To Make a Green Temple•To Build a Green Organization”.

In 2011, our Yuen applied for funding from the Environment and Conservation Fund to pursue a series of green projects. The funding was approved in principal for the Yuen to carry out its projects within three years, developing various green projects in the temple and our subsidiary service units in education, medical services and social services. These projects include developing the temple as a green temple, building Green Roofs at schools, designing ecological paths, renovating green kitchens in elderly homes and upgrading to energy-efficient lighting systems. In addition, we will launch various campaigns in different communities to raise people’s awareness of environmental protection.

The Yuen believes that:
Taoism believes that everything belongs to our mother nature, so people should be kind to the earth and in harmony with our nature.
Environmental protection includes reducing unnecessary consumption of energy and resources, reducing greenhouse gases and carbon emission and mitigating our impact on the ecological balance.
To pursue a green lifestyle is helpful to maintain harmony with our nature and keep a good living environment.
Everyone shares the responsibility to protect our environment. Let's take actions to reduce greenhouse gases.
Green Temple
Since 1956 when the WTS Temple opened for the public, it has been very popular as its daily admission averages over 10,000 people, including local worshippers and tourists around the world. Therefore, the Yuen aims to make the temple a great platform showcasing the green concepts by developing various green projects, so as to increase people’s attention to environmental protection. Our green projects include developing the Incense Smoke Reduction System and making the temple’s Good Wish Garden an ecological education platform:

Incense Smoke & Odour Collection & Filtering System
Incense Ash Regeneration System
To grow plants and trees
To accommodate insects and birds
To educate people about our nature