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The Garden was built in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Sik Sik Yuen. Its name in Chinese (從心cong xin) came from Confucius’s quote “At the age of 70, I could follow the dictates of my own heart without crossing the line”. The garden is of traditional Chinese style in construction with small bridge over a stream, water fall and a pool in a nice green environment.

Eco-Scenic Spots

Eco-Aquatic System
A shallow water channel links up two man-made ponds. Beautiful waterlily can be found in the lower pond. The ponds are the breeding ground for aquatic lives. An aquatic ecosystem is established when aquatic plants absorb sunlight for photosynthesis which in turn produce food for other aquatic creatures.

Rock Pool and Flowing Stream
The upper pond has an added shallow water area, planted along the edges of the pond are some aquatic plant species such as Water Hyssop, Water Fern and Paddy Galingale to increase diversity in the Eco-pond System, providing resting and drinking places for birds. The slow moving water creates a better habitat for breeding aquatic creatures.


Butterfly Court
Total Hong Kong area is roughly one the thousandth of China, but butterfly species is eleven percent of China total, more than those in Taiwan. Now in Hong Kong there are ten families with 236 species and many of these are worthy of preservation. More than 20 varieties of vegetation planted in the Eco-path provide an habitat for different kinds of butterfly, so please take time to look around.

Composting area
Leaves and wood logs collected in Good Wish Garden are left to decay and work on by invertebrates such as earthworms and snails with further breakdown by organisms like fungi and bacteria. The humus so produced are natural soil conditioner for the Chinese Herbal Garden and Butterfly Court to facilitate plant growth.

A Small Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Garden
There is a strong relationship between Taoism and Chinese medicine. Sik Sik Yuen has been accustomed to offer free medical consultation and provision of traditional Chinese herbal medicine to the general public since 1924. Over 50 species of common Chinese medicinal herbs with various medical values are planted in the Herbal Garden. Each species of Chinese medicinal herbs carries a QR Code label. Visitors can scan the QR code on the labels to obtain further herbs information.

Bird Watching Area
Inside the Good Wish Garden additional to the Common Koel, Starlings, Swallow and Masked Laughingthrush , one also can see little egret, Nycticorax nycticorax , Blue Magpie etc. , all Type 1 wild fowls, clearly documented in Hong Kong. Nests are the breeding ground for birds, but trees may not have large enough holes to house them, so hanging on trees are man-made nests. See if you can tell the difference between residents of natural versus man-made nests.

Ecological Pools System
The ecological pools system in Good Wish Garden purifies water through aquatic plants and filtering facilities. The system provides animals and plants in the Garden an excellent habitat for living and reproduction. The project is funded by Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) in 2016.

Aquatic plants and koi are founded in the pools.

The ecological pools system is supported by a series of equipment.